Sensations and interpretations

I felt tired today walking around Oslo, and again was curious about sensations and images.

What’s here in sensations? How does the tiredness appear as sensations?

What’s here in images? What images are overlaid on those sensations?

What happens when the sensations and images are combined into one, and I take the images to be substantial, real and true?

What happens when I see what’s there in sensations? Are these sensations OK as they are?

What happens with the images when I bring attention to the sensations? Is it easier to recognize them as images – as labels, interpretations and stories?

In what way are these stories helpful? When are they less helpful?

Some things I noticed:

When sensations + images combine, it’s easier to take the images as true. I believe the images, and my mind then makes it seem true – through images, feelings and actions.

When I bring attention to sensations, it’s easier to recognize images as images. They become helpful questions – at least helpful in some situations.



I felt tired today walking around Oslo, and again noticed the difference between sensations and images.

The sensations are just sensations, and they are OK as they are.

And then there is the overlay of images – of labels, interpretations, stories.

I noticed that each of the images created some stress for me – an image/label of tiredness, then a story that this is cf, and a story of what this means for the future etc.

More accurately, they create stress when I take sensations + images as one unit. That’s when I take them as substantial, real and true.

When I brought attention to sensations alone, I saw that the sensations were fine. It’s just a sensation, free from all the images and stories.

There, I also noticed images as images, as just an overlay, as innocent questions.

These images are sometimes helpful as questions and in a practical way, and less helpful – apart from in creating stress and pointing back to themselves as a belief – when taken as true.

Note: When these images are taken as true, their job of the mind is to make them appear true – through interpretations, feelings and actions. They create a whole – and quite convincing – world which makes the images seem true.


  • sensations and interpretations
    • bring attention to sensations
    • then notice how the mental field adds labels, interpretations, images, stories
      • see how these are all really questions
      • and notice the difference between getting caught up in them, taking them as real, true, solid and recognizing it as mental field overlay and innocent questions
    • closed eyes, easier to notice at first, then bring into everyday life
    • helpful differentiation, then also notice that as from a mental field overlay (image of sensations and mental field, overlaid on what’s here in experience)
    • …………

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