Traumas are natural, happens to any organism, and each organism also knows how to release it and move on.

That’s why David Berceli, at the TRE workshop last Wednesday, said:

When you know how to release traumas, you are not afraid to go into them.

He is familiar with how the body releases traumas and tension (shaking). Through experience, he has (re)learned to trust and support the process. And he is also willing to be traumatized, for instance when he goes into war and natural disaster zones to teach TRE, because he knows how to release it.

Through regularly releasing traumas and tension, he also works with prevention for himself. His existing tension level is low, so he is traumatized in a different way, and to a much lesser degree, than someone whose existing tension level is higher.

Taking this further, I also find that to the extent I find clarity around stories that otherwise would trigger tension and trauma, the tension or trauma is reduced or does not happen in the first place. When I believe a story about what happens, and I believe a story of how it should be, and those two are radically different from each other, I cannot help create tension for myself and perhaps even traumatizing myself. When I am more clear on these stories, it all unfolds differently.

By finding more clarity around my stories, by shifting into allowing experience, by allowing shaking, I allow release of existing tension and traumas, and I am more willing to go into situations where I may create tension and trauma for myself. I may even welcome it because it helps me become more familiar with the process and trust it more.



– not afraid to go into trauma b/c knows how to release it
– builds capacity and resilience

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