All-inclusive gratitude practice

An all-inclusive gratitude practice can be powerful, whether it is saying thank you as a prayer or mantra, writing and sharing all-inclusive gratitude lists, or just allowing experience as is – in appreciation.

This helps me notice resistance and beliefs, and inquire into these. I get to see where I take positions at odds with reality, their consequences, and what’s more true for me.

It is a question. What happens if I find gratitude for this?

It’s a reminder that I can shift into different perspectives, and experience the world from that perspective.

It helps my view, feelings and actions to reorganize and align more with what is.

And it’s an invitation for what I am to notice itself.


  • all-inclusive gratitude practice
    • thank you – as a prayer
    • all-inclusive gratitude lists
    • functions
      • notice resistance, beliefs – inquire into
      • is a question – what happens if i find/shift into gratitude for this?
      • more aligned with what is
    • thank you – mantra, heart/breath, throughout the day/night
    • gratitude list – confession, admit to God, self, another
    • also, allowing experience as is – a form of gratitude/appreciation practice
    • ……

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