Bright light, dark shadow

Evelyn Underhill mentions how the dark night happens because the light is brighter.

Brighter light, darker shadow.

Whatever human that’s not aligned with reality – any belief and consequences of beliefs – surfaces to be seen, loved, felt.

And in that process, it can seem very dark.

It’s of course what happens to all of us. A belief surfaces – due to circumstances or imagination, it feels dark, and it is an invitation to see it (notice, inquiry), feel it (allow the experience, go inside it, notice I am the field of experience), and find genuine appreciation for it as it is. The bright light of reality makes the darkness seem more dark.


  • bright light, dark shadow
    • pulled out of the human, see the human from the outside as awareness, spirit – a shift into big mind/oneness
    • then into the human, brighter light, darker shadow – what’s not aligned shows up stronger, get absorbed into it – dark night (the shadows are felt more strongly, inescapably)
    • surfaces to be seen,  loved, felt
    • then, what is awake to itself independent of states, independent of content of experience
    • and goes on, can always be more clear, more to see, feel, appreciate
    • ……….

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