First space flight

It’s fifty years ago today since Earth saw itself from space – from earth orbit.

It’s only 16 years since Earth found the first planet around another star.

And it may be only a matter of years or decades until this living planet finds another living planet.

Earth came to life, then formed itself into humans and technology, and through humans and technology experience itself from space, find planets around other stars, and may well find another living planet – a sibling in another solar system.

This perspective is equally true as our ordinary human one. It’s our larger identity.

It feels good to be able to shift perspectives in this way, to find some fluidity in identities and identifications.

Of course, it’s also true that this is the Universe coming to life as this living planet, bringing itself into awareness through this life, experiencing itself as this living planet and each species and individual organism, developing science and technology as means to further it’s exploration of itself, dream of propagating this living planet through terraforming, and so on. It’s all existence forming and exploring itself through and as this evolving universe, galaxy, solar system, planet, ecosystems, species, social systems, individuals, science, technology and so on.

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