Going into the shadow

Here is a pretty common process:

We go about our lives, identified as a human being and an I.

What we are glimpses itself.

And the parts of ourselves not aligned with the previous point surfaces to be seen, felt and loved allowing them to align.

It’s not a fun process, but it’s necessary if what we are is to live through and as this human, awake to itself.

How can we align ourselves with this process?

For me, the main one right now is befriending the process through what I write about here.

Befriending experience. Befriending beliefs. Befriending the body. Befriending what’s here now.

Notice I already am the field of experience.

Notice and inquire into beliefs – the shoulds that rub up against what’s happening.

Find mutual support with the body through walks in nature, sleep, nurturing food, and also gentle exercise, Breema, TRE/shaking, occasional acupuncture, herbs etc.

Right now, I am especially interested in TRE and neurogenic shaking and how it allows accumulated tension and traumas to release out of the system. I notice there is a lot stored there, including much that’s frozen. This makes it difficult to find a felt trust in life and what’s happening, and it’s much easier to get caught in fear, beliefs, resistance etc.

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