Inquiry: It’s endless

It’s endless.

(Inquiry. Beliefs. Hangups.

The process of inquiry.)


Hm. It feels endless. I find a thought saying so.

Can I be certain it is true?

No. It’s a thought.

An overlay.

Reality just is.

What happens when I take that story as true?

I believe it’s endless.

My stories say it’s endless.

It feels endless.

I may even act as if it’s endless.

I feel hopeless. A victim.

I dread the future.

What am I afraid would happen if I didn’t have that thought?

I wouldn’t be prepared. It would happen and I would walk into it without knowing.

What’s more likely?

Hm. That I am here now.

Who would I be without the thought?

Receptive. Curious. Interested.

Noticing thoughts as thoughts, as innocent questions.

Ask myself, is this experience OK?


It’s not endless.

Experiences change.

Nothing lasts.

It’s here now.

Yes, that’s what’s true.

When I tell myself it’s endless, I take what’s here now and project it into the future.

I tell myself it will always be this way.

It will end.


Experiences end, that’s their nature.

It’s their job.

My thinking is endless.

Well, at least the idea of endless exists in my thoughts.

I cannot find it any other place.

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