Inquiry: Life is wrong

Life is wrong.

Reality is wrong.

God’s will is wrong.


Hm. I can find where it feels true.

Sure it’s true?

No. It’s a thought, an opinion.

What happens when I believe that thought?

I experience it as true.

I find evidence for where life is wrong.

My attention goes to where I tell myself life is wrong.

I tell myself some situations and experiences are wrong.

I am in opposition to reality.

There is discomfort. Unease. Sense of struggle.

I feel frustration, anger, sadness, grief, regret.

I try to escape certain experiences – through distractions or getting caught up in fixing it.

When does this belief surface?

When life doesn’t conform with my preferences, expectations, assumptions.

What do I hope to get from this belief?

Hm. That I know how it should be. I know better than life.

And through knowing, a sense of safety.

What do I really get out of it?

Being at odds with reality.

Stress. Discomfort.

A sense that something is wrong.

Not safety at all, quite the opposite.

Who would I be without the belief?


Curious about life as it is.

A student.


Life is not wrong.

(a) Right and wrong are ideas. Life just is.

(b) What seems wrong now may seem right to me later, or from another – and equally valid – perspective.

It changes for me depending on perspective and also over time.

(c) Also, who am I to argue with reality/life/the universe/God?

Who am I to argue with God’s will?

Life is right.

Yes. Life is.

Reality will always override my shoulds. It won’t be affected by my shoulds at all.

My thinking is wrong.

Yes, wrongness exists only in my thinking.

And when I believe my thoughts, they become wrong – not aligned with reality.

A thought in itself is just an innocent question and plays well with reality, and as soon as it is taken as true, it’s out of alignment with reality.

– o –

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