Inquiry: My way is better

My way is better.

My expectations, hopes and plans for my life.

My world view, my insights, what I take as true.


Hm. It certainly feels that way, sometimes.

I’ll answer from that place.

What happens when I believe that thought?

(a) I experience as if my way is better.

I feel as if it’s better. I think and interpret as if it’s better. I act as if it’s better.

I find others who agree.

(b) If things go “my way”, I am afraid it will change.

I am afraid because I know it will change.

(c) If things don’t go “my way” I go into a tantrum.

I complain. Squirm. Get angry. Sad. Grieve.

I go into victim mode.

(d) What do I wish in the situations where I go into this belief?

I wish for a sense of safety, a sense of all OK.

What do I get?

I get resistance, stress, discomfort.

A sense that something is wrong.

That life is profoundly wrong.

(e) What am I afraid would happen if I didn’t have this belief?

–> I am afraid I would be OK with reality.

Who would I be without it?

OK with what is.

A friend of what is.

Curious about what is.

Receptive to what is.

A student of what is.


My way is not better.

(a) I have limited insights, experience and wisdom.

(b) I often act out of beliefs and fear.

(c) I don’t know if my way is better.

If it it really seems better, and others agree, I still don’t know if it really is.

(d) Better or worse are thoughts. Interpretations.

Reality is independent of better or worse.

My way is worse.

(a) I have limited insight and experience.

I only know what I know, and it’s very limited.

(b) I sometimes act from beliefs and confusion.

(c) If I only get my way, I tend to recreate what I already know.

It will limit my world. It will keep my world limited.

Your way is better.

–> (a) It invites me to open up my world.

It is different from what I know or expect, which helps me open up my world.

(b) It’s the will of life, the universe, existence, God.

Who am I to argue?

I have very limited insight, experience and wisdom, and know I do.

(c) It helps me see and inquire into my beliefs.

It helps me see where I am still caught up in taking viewpoints as true.

It invites me to align more with reality.

It invites me to deepen my humanity, to become more human.

It helps me see we are all in the same boat.

It helps me find in myself what I already see in others.

(d) It helps me bring out new and different qualities in myself.

It helps me discover more about myself, and bring it out.

– o –

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