Inquiry: She is irratonal

She is irrational.

My fb friend in Oregon afraid of radiation from Japan, eating large amounts of seaweed to fill her body with iodine.

Also, anyone outside of Japan afraid of it.

I also had this thought a lot after 911 when people were caught up in terrorism-paranoia created by the media (to sell their news) and politicians (to sell policies they otherwise couldn’t push through.)

And I have it about people caught up in stories about 2012, UFOs etc.

(Their approach is irrational, whether there is a grain of truth there or not.)

These folks get their priorities all wrong.


Yes, it certainly seems irrational.


No. It’s just a thought.

An overlay on what is, as any thought is.

What happens when I believe that thought?

I see her as irrational.

I filter her words and actions through that label.

I am more inclined to put that label on what she says and does.

I make her wrong.

She is wrong, I am right.

I have a more rational approach.

I put her down in my mind.

I feel a bit reactive. I am annoyed with her.

I am tempted to set her straight, and decide not to because it will come from a one-sided view.

I see all this happening, am uncomfortable about it, and don’t really want to admit it to myself or others.

What am I afraid would happen if I didn’t believe this thought?

I am afraid I could adopt her view, be as irrational as her.

How likely is it that I would adopt her view?

Not very likely.

What do I hope to get out of the belief that she is irrational?

Feel safe.

I know –> I am safe.

What do I actually get out of it?


Taking a position I know is precarious.

What do I wish for in my connection with her?

A sense of connection. Shared exploration.

What do I actually get when I hold onto my belief?

A sense of lack of connection, separation, alienation.

Who would I be without the thought that she is irrational?

Receptive. Curious. Interested.

Sense of connection.

Befriending her, the situation, her view, my view.

Finding what makes most sense to me.

If I say something, it comes from a more friendly place.

More free to follow my inner guidance/knowing to say something or let it pass.

(In this case, I would let it pass.)


She is not irrational.

Hm. Well, she is probably not irrational in many other areas of life.

It’s not irrational to eat seaweed. I do the same. It’s nutrient-rich food.

It’s not irrational to be aware/informed of radiation dangers, even if they are minuscule.

She is rational.

Yes, in many other areas of life.

It’s healthy to eat seaweed. Nothing wrong there.

It’s good to be concerned about what’s happening in the world. She is just taking care of herself.

I am irrational.

Yes, especially when I get caught up in thoughts about her.

When I think she is irrational, and believe that story, I am irrational.

I become irrational.

My thoughts, emotions, words and actions become servants of the belief.

My thoughts try to make it appear true.

My emotions respond as if it is true.

My words come out as if it is true.

I act as if it’s true.

Everything in me gets caught up in that initial belief.

And it’s all one-sided, irrational.

Additional turnarounds

They get their priorities all wrong –> I get my priorities all wrong.

Yes, I see it as important that they change their views, while the advise is really for myself.

I want my own views to shift, be more aligned with reality.

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