Inquiry: Something is not right

Something is not right.


Yes, it feels true.

I can find where it feels true, so I’ll answer from that place.

Sure it’s true?

No. It’s a thought.

What happens when I believe that thought?

I feel that something is not right.

I have a story that something is not right.

I act as if something is not right.

I find something to pin that thought on – anything in my life or the world that doesn’t seem right.

I elaborate on it.

I find evidence.

I interpret so whatever happens fits the story.

Muscles tense up in my calves, chest and jaws.

I brace myself.

My breath becomes more shallow.

Discomfort. Fear. Anger. Frustration.

Free floating sense of unease, dread, terror.

What am I afraid would happen if I didn’t have that belief?

I would be OK with what is.

I wouldn’t act.

Who would I be without it?


OK with what is.

Interested in what is.

More free to follow inner guidance/knowing.

More nuanced views.

Free to play with a wider range of stories.


Something is right.

Yes. Even when I believe something is not right, something else is right in my mind.

Right now, I have food, water, shelter, computer etc.

Everything is not right.

That’s how it feels when I go into the story that something is not right. It colors my whole experience of the world.

Everything is right.

The story of not right is a thought.

Reality just is.

Nothing is not right.

Yes. All just is.

Any story of not right is a story.

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