inquiry: Is it true it’s gone?

Is it true it’s gone?

The awakening, the clarity of what I am.

What’s the belief?

It’s gone.

The awakening is gone.

The clarity of what I am is gone.

–> When the state changes, it’s gone.

What happens when I believe that thought?

When the state changes, I tell myself its’ gone.

–> As soon as the state I associate with the clarity is gone, I tell myself the clarity is gone.

–> I go into stories, take them as true, create the experience of the clarity being gone.

Attention gets absorbed into the world created by those thoughts, so it all appears true.


It’s not gone.

Hm. The state is certainly gone.

But even now, in this state, what I am is here.

It’s here.

The question guide attention, no answer is needed here.

– o –

Is it true it’s gone?

Is it true it’s not here?

These questions guide attention. I can stay with it for a while.

And if it seems “smaller”….

Is it OK if it’s small?

– o –


I see that clarity (what I am recognizing itself) has happened within quite different states.

It happened with lots of fireworks.

It happened in a very simple and neutral state.

It has happened when my body has been under severe stress (heat exhaustion, kidney stones).

It has happened when there has been emotional/mental turmoil.

So is it true it’s gone? Is it true it’s not here? Is it OK if it’s small?

– o –

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