Is there anything positive in a belief?

It’s easy to believe there is something positive in beliefs and the drama they create. It’s juicy. Full. Rich. It’s life.

And yet, is that true? Can I know it’s true?

What do I find when I look at what seems most positive in beliefs?

What seems positive about beliefs?

Hm. They are juicy. Full. Rich. Life.

There is something to learn from them.

They add richness to life.

They are life.

Is it true?

Hm. I don’t know.

I cannot know.

What do I find when I examine these thoughts?

Beliefs are juicy.

Where is the juiciness in beliefs?

Juicy is a story. I cannot find it outside of a story.

It’s the same for the other beliefs.

What’s there in beliefs?

Hm. Identification with a viewpoint.

Opposition to reality.


When life goes according to the should in a belief, it’s apparently OK.

But even then, there is distress because I know life changes. It won’t always be aligned with the should.

It feels precarious.

I need to defend the viewpoint, make it appear true to myself and others, and I know it isn’t true.

Joy from beliefs takes on an unpleasant quality for that reason.

It feels a bit compulsive, strained.

Taking stories as true also limits feelings, thoughts and actions.

They become in service of the thought taken as true, they conform as if the thought is true.

Taking stories as true is how I prevent myself from acting on my inner guidance/knowing.

How is it without beliefs?

Receptivity. Curiosity. Interest.

Free to follow inner guidance/knowing.

Free to explore thoughts, find the validity in each.

Free to use whatever story seems most helpful in the moment.

Recognizing stories as just stories, helpful in a practical way only.

Recognizing stories as not absolutely true.

OK with not knowing.

Knowing I don’t know.


There is something positive in a belief –> There is nothing positive in a belief.

Hm. Positive is a thought.

I can not find it outside of a thought.

Also, whatever is created by a belief is tinged by distress.

Beliefs are juicy –> Beliefs are not juicy.

Juicy is also a thought.

Any thought of juicy is just a thought.

– 0 –

A couple of beliefs/turnarounds I didn’t include above:

Beliefs help me be more human –> Beliefs help me be more inhuman.

When I caught up in beliefs, I am also caught up in reactive emotions.

My range narrows – thoughts, emotions and actions conforms to the beliefs.

Caught up in a belief, I treat myself and others with less kindness and wisdom.

I may even justify quite cruel actions.

So yes, beliefs help me be more inhuman.

Beliefs help me find empathy –> Beliefs help me be more indifferent and cold.

Yes. As above.

Beliefs narrow my thoughts, emotions and actions.

My thoughts, emotions and actions are in service of the belief.

The belief becomes more important than just about anyone or anything.

If a belief tells me something or someone is wrong, I close my heart to that situation or person.

– o –

What’s the best evidence for my belief that there is something positive in beliefs?

Beliefs help me be more human.

I get to know from the inside how humans (most) experience life.

What does that give me?

Empathy. Understanding. Insight.

Even if that’s true, is it still necessary?

Hm. Probably not.

I have experienced  a good amount of beliefs.

Is it true that beliefs gives me empathy, understanding, insight?

I do get to experience how to be caught up in a belief.

But when I am in a belief, there is less of each of those.

Each is limited by a belief.

Also, a belief draws attention to itself.

Attention is less  available to go where it can bring empathy, understanding and insight.

When there is a belief, there is less empathy, understanding and insight.

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