In what way is existence a mystery?

It’s a mystery to me within stories. There is always more to learn. More information, knowledge, insights, experiences. There are always other worldviews, some profoundly different from what I am familiar with, and many that account for the same info equally well or even better than the ones I am familiar with. There are always more inclusive worldviews.

Whatever stories I have, what’s outside of these stories is a mystery. The vast majority of existence is a mystery in this sense.

It’s a mystery outside of stories. Existence is a in immediacy, outside of the overlay of stories. And that’s because only stories can make it not a mystery.

Existence is a mystery to itself in immediacy.

And existence is not really a mystery. I have information, knowledge, expectations, maps that work pretty well in a pragmatic and everyday sense. Existence can know what it is, capacity for the field of awareness and experience.

And existence is not a mystery, because that too is just a thought, a label, an interpretation.


  • mystery
    • a mystery within stories
    • a mystery outside of stories – b/c only stories can make it not a mystery

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