Reality is a dirty word in our post-modern world, and appropriately so since it’s often been used to refer to stories as identical with reality.

If reality is not found in stories, what’s reality then?

Reality is what allows whatever happens, and also what happens. It’s capacity for awareness and the play of awareness as form.

Reality is also what we really are.

As long as I am caught up in stories, as long as stories are taken as true, there is friction with reality.

And this friction leads reality to wake up to itself.

Sometimes, there may first be a sense of an “I” awakening to reality, which then gives way to reality awakening to itself.

In this case, there is first identification as an I which awakens to this reality, and this identification and sense of I is then recognized as happening within and as the play of awareness.

Another shift may be from awareness and the play of awareness awakening to itself, to capacity for it all knowing itself.

Reality is not found in stories, but there is validity in stories in a pragmatic sense, and stories can also serves as helpful pointers for reality noticing itself.

Note: When I say “I am capacity….” and “I am caught up in…..” that’s referring to the appearance of what’s happening. There is not only a sense of an “I” here but identification as that I. Reality creates appearance of identification with an I, and also the appearance of a process of awakening – sometimes going through “I” awakening to reality and then reality awakening to itself.

There is a question I ask myself here: Is this helpful? Is writing or reading this helpful?

I see I am partly writing this to get it out of the system. When it’s down on paper (or in digital form), my thoughts can more easily let go and relax or move on.

I am also partly writing this to create a sense of understanding and control for myself, an understanding and control that’s only mind-made and not here in reality.

And I see that what I wrote here is only helpful if taken as questions and pointers for own exploration. What do I find when I explore it here and now?


  • reality
    • allows what is – awareness + field of experience
    • allows anything that happens, including awakening/delusion etc.
    • capacity for what’s happening (aka Godhead as capacity allowing God as form)
    • stories as just stories, each with some validity in a pragmatic sense only – as pointers, guides
    • as long as caught up in stories, taking them as true, then will be friction with reality
    • (i) awake to reality, (ii) reality awake to itself
    • ….

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