Feels completely ordinary

What happens here really feels completely ordinary.

The world is a mirror. What I see in the world is right here. It mirrors what’s right here, and this field of awareness it’s all happening within is right here. And what’s here is also a mirror for each other being. It goes both ways.

It’s also a process of healing, maturing and aligning with reality as a human being in the world, and a process of clarifying and identifications releasing. And that too is completely ordinary. It’s universally human.

What’s revealed here is completely ordinary too, it’s nothing special.

And when as it matures, it’s expressed in a more and more ordinary way. It appears more and more sane in a very ordinary way.

There is a great relief in this ordinariness.

Of course, it’s special too. The process and what’s unfolding is universal and shared, and also an unique expression in each case.

Note: What’s here is a mirror for each other being. And also, what other beings see here is a mirror for them.


  • what happens here feels completely ordinary
    • the world is a mirror
    • process of (a) healing, aligning at human level + (b) releasing identifications
    • it’s all completely ordinary, what’s here for all of us
    • and what’s revealed is completely ordinary too, nothing special
    • and when matures, is expressed in a more and more ordinary way, appears sane in a very ordinary way
    • ……


There is a joy in meeting people where they are, in an ordinary way.

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