Energy drawing

I thought I would drawn and put up another energy drawing since it is a series, and they do reflect something in me.

There is most emphasis on the vertical down line, and also the horizontal ground lines. This time, there are also concentric circles around the center.

For the record: I don’t see these drawings as accurately reflecting what’s going on energy wise, although they may. What’s more important is that they reflect something in me here and now. They are projections in the form of ink on paper.

2 thoughts to “Energy drawing”

  1. I was so happy to find your drawings and would like to contact you. as a artist expressing and developing I have many images that are created for no other purpose other that expressing the in expressible where words fail the image communicates . many share a resemblance to your style ….i loved the clarity and perfection of the energy you capture and would like to know more we all are guided and need guidance . glynn

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