I get it, you don’t

I get it, you don’t.

Towards anything “out there” – a person, myself in the past or future, a situation, reality, God.


It does feel true, sometimes, especially towards situations/reality/God.

How do I react when I have that belief?

(a) In general:

There is a sense of separation. Alienation.

There is something to protect – an identity, an image, a story.

I need to protect – defend, remember, prop up – whatever I tell myself I get.

I get caught up in defending it, and am not available to much else.

There is unease. Tension.

I am afraid it will be shown to be false, and yet I long for just that because it’s the end of (this) separation.

It feels precarious because I know – or at least suspect – it isn’t true.

(b) When the story is about a situation (life, reality, God), I go into victim mode. I feel I am treated unfairly by life.

I know how life should treat me, and it obviously does not.

I am telling myself that life (reality, God) is an idiot, and that’s painful.

Who would I be without that belief?

Free from thinking I get it, you don’t.

Free from that separation.

Receptive to myself, the situation, others.


What I see out there is a mirror for me, and what’s here is also out there – at least as a possibility.


You get it, I don’t

Yes, other people get much I don’t.

Life get’s it, I don’t. Life does it’s thing, and I protest and don’t get it.

When I am caught up in my belief (closed), others may learn more if they are receptive.

We both get it

Yes. What I see in the wider world is a mirror for me, it’s right here.

And what I know from myself is available for anyone, it’s there even if they are not aware of it yet.

I am a mirror for others, as much as they are a mirror for me.

In my own mind – here and now – we are all mirrors for each other.

Neither of us get it

Yes, that’s also true.

None of us “get” it. We are all puzzled, baffled, in awe, whether we recognize it or not.

Life itself don’t “get” it, it’s just doing it’s thing. God/reality is just doing it’s thing.


  • i get it, you don’t
    • towards the world, what’s out there – other people, myself in past or future, reality, God
    • creates a sense of separation, something to protect (an identity, image, story)
    • as soon as believed –> unease, suffering, sense of I etc.
    • overlook reality
      • what I see out there is me
      • it’s a mirror for me in an ordinary human sense
      • and it’s me as the play of awareness, there is no “outside”
    • get familiar with it, befriend it, see it’s the life processes playing themselves out – it’s not personal
    • …..

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