Inquiry: Emotions reflect reality

Emotions reflect reality.


I can find where I believe that, so will answer from that place.

Is it true?

No. It’s a thought.

How do I react when I believe that thought?

When an emotion surface I take it as reflecting reality.

Anger means someone – a person, life –  did me wrong.

Sadness means I lost someone or something important.

Fear means something terrible may happen.

Regret means I did something wrong.

Joy/excitement means something good happened (as opposed to bad).

– o –

What do I hope to get out of that belief?

I hope to get accurate information about reality, which in turn helps me stay safe.

What do I actually get out of the belief?

Tension. Stress. Unease. Turmoil. Drama.

Taking emotions very seriously.

Who would I be without it?

Allowing emotions to pass through.

Taking an emotion as an emotion and nothing more.

Recognizing that emotions do not reflect reality.

Not caught up in emotions.

Free from holding onto or pushing away emotions.


Emotions do not reflect reality.

Yes. They may reflect beliefs, but not reality.

Reality lives it’s own life.

Emotions reflect unreality.

Yes, they sometimes reflect a belief.

– o –

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