Inquiry: I can own something

I can own something.

I can own it.

Anything at all.

Insights. Clarity.

An experience. A state.

Joy. Happiness. Peace. Contentment.

A body. A mind.

Health. A person.

Money. Clothes. A house.


I can find where it feels true, so will answer from there.

Can I know for certain it’s true?

No. It’s a thought.

How do I react when I believe that thought?

I believe I can own something.

I feel I can own it.

I find thoughts that support it.

I find others – in life or my mind – who agree.

– o –

When I tell myself I own it and then lose it, I feel something wrong – even terrible – happened.

I feel like a victim. I get angry at whomever or whatever I tell myself took it away from me. (A person, life, circumstances.)

I sometimes feel entitled. I am entitled to peace, insights, health, a person, money. If I don’t have it, I feel life have done me wrong.

– o –

I feel sad. Angry. Frustrated. Grief.

My body tenses up. My breath goes shallow.

I feel on edge. Short fuse. Irritable.

– o –

I go into hopes about the future. I hope to own something in the future:

Peace, clarity, insights, contentment, health, a good life, a good relationship, money, opportunities.

I believe it will happen at a certain time, it doesn’t, and I feel let down by life.

I fear it wont’ happen, so I create suffering for myself now.

I get it and am afraid I will lose it.

I tell myself I got it and lost it, so create grief for myself.

– o –

What’s the innocent wish behind that belief?

I wish the best possible life for myself.

I wish for security, comfort, contentment, peace, satisfaction, a sense that life is right and good for me.

What do I actually get when I take that story – I can own something – as true?

Stress. Tension. A sense of loss. Grief. Dashed hopes. Being at odds with life.

– o –

What am I afraid would happen if I didn’t have that thought?

I am afraid I wouldn’t try to get something and hold onto it.

I am afraid I would never get anything, and if I did that I would lose it.

Is it true that isn’t already happening? Is it true I can get (own) something?

Hm. No, I cannot find real “ownership” of anything.

Experiences and states come and go.

This body, health comes and goes.

Friendships and relationships come and go.

Insights come and go.

Clarity comes and goes.

Peace comes and goes.

Contentment and satisfaction comes and goes.

It all comes and goes on it’s own.

They are guests, visitors.

They come and go and something else comes and goes.

I cannot really “own” anything, not even what seems most personal or intimate.

Who would I be without that thought?

Free from the thought I can own anything.

Wide eyed curiosity, excitement, appreciation.

Seeing/feeling that it’s all coming and going.

It’s all flow.

What comes and goes are all visitors.



I cannot own anything.

Yes, when I look at what appears the most as “owned” I see it isn’t really.

Even the most intimate comes and goes.

Insights, clarity, peace, contentment, friendships, relationships, health, experiences, circumstances, opportunities, this body.

They all come and go.

They come to pass, not to stay as BK reminds me.

Something can own me.

Yes. When I believe I can own it, it really owns me.

Whether it’s here or not, it owns me.

I become the servant of the belief that I can own it, that I should own it, that I am done wrong if I don’t have it etc.

It owns me, also in the slang sense.

My thoughts cannot own anything.

Yes. Thoughts are just thoughts.

They cannot possibly “own” anything.

They cannot hold onto anything, not even themselves.

My thoughts can own something.

Yes, when the thought that I can own something is believed, there is the experience of owning something.

That’s the only place I can find ownership.

I cannot find it anywhere else. I cannot find it outside of the thought of ownership.

– o –

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