Inquiry: I want something from this situation

I want something from this situation.


Hm. I can find where it feels true, so I’ll answer from there.

Sure it’s true?

No. It’s just a thought.

How do I react when I believe that thought?

I have an image of what I want. I feel I need it. I do my best to make it happen.

I feel nervous. A bit tense.

I am afraid it won’t happen. I go into images of how that would be.

I don’t feel quite “like myself”. I feel I act a bit weird.

I try to manipulate others to get what I want. I feel I need to present myself in a certain way, and say and do certain things.

It feels uncomfortable.

I experience separation to myself, others, life.

I feel something is lacking.

I am so caught up in what I want that I am not receptive to what’s actually happening.

I see what happens as good or bad depending on how it fits my image of what should happen.

Who would I be without it?

Receptive. Curious.

Curious about what will happen.

A student.


I don’t want something out of this situation.

That’s equally true. I also wish to be a student of the situation, see what I can learn from it.

See what it asks of me.

This situation wants something from me.

Yes. What is this situation trying to show me?

What’s the reality of what’s happening?

If I am really honest with myself, what do I find?

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