Inquiry: There are two wills

There are two wills.

There is personal will, and God’s will.


Hm. I can find where it feels true. I’ll answer from there.

Sure it’s true?

No. It’s just an interpretation.

How do I react when I have that belief?

I feel my personal will is in opposition to God’s will.

It blocks God’s will.

There is something wrong with the personal will.

The personal will struggles with itself.

There is a sense of hopelessness since the personal will cannot undo itself.

There is a sense of split between the personal and the rest of reality.

God’s will appears as “other”, as something happening to me.

I am afraid of God’s will because it’s out of control. I cannot control it.

I don’t know what it will do with me.

Who would I be without that belief?

Here and now.



Following the impulses that seem kind, wise and sane.

Trust in life.


There are not two wills.

True. God’s will includes what appears as the personal will.

The personal will is as much God’s will as anything else.

Whether the personal will is identified with or not, it’s still God’s will.

There is one will.

Yes. The appearance of a personal will is just an appearance.

It’s just a label, an interpretation.

Thought isolates something and calls it personal will, that’s all.

There are no wills.

Yes, that’s even more true.

Any idea of a “will” is just an idea, a label.

Sounds, sights, smell, tastes, sensations, thoughts happen.

That’s all.

And even that is a label.

– o –

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