Knowing you know

Some teachers seem to come from a sense of curiosity, receptivity and shared exploration.

They know you know, even if you don’t always yet know it yourself. You just need a reminder, a pointer to rediscover it for yourself.

Adyashanti and Byron Katie are good examples of this, as are Douglas Harding/Richard Lang and more locally for me, Todd and Barry. The Big Mind process, along with The Work and the headless experiments, are also seem to reflect this approach.

Other teachers seem to come more from a patronizing approach, they seem to assume you don’t know.

I wonder/imagine if this is from being on auto-pilot or comes from the “I know, you don’t” thought.

In either case, it’s a mirror for myself. I am sometimes on autopilot. I sometimes make assumptions about others and act on those. I sometimes believe the “I know, you don’t” thought.

Source: A conversation with my gratitude partner.

| I too feel judged by spiritual people to somehow know less than they do

I wonder how much of that is them being on auto-pilot, and how much comes from the “I know, you don’t” thought. I guess it varies. And I have to admit that too is a mirror for me.


  • knowing you know
    • some teachers
      • sense of curiosity, receptivity, shared exploration
      • they know you know, even if you don’t always know it yet – need a reminder, a pointer
    • other teachers
      • talk down, patronizing, assume you don’t know (Vigdis G. most recent experience for me)
      • wonder/imagine it’s from auto-pilot or the “I know, you don’t” thought – in either case, a mirror for myself
    • ……..

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