Allowing, inquiry and TRE


Some of the ways allowing experience, inquiry and TRE work together.

Allowing fear and experience is more comfortable than getting caught up in resistance, thoughts, emotions or escape. And it  also allows old wounds and stored tension/trauma to release and unwind.

Inquiry into beliefs a invites a release of what creates and recreates tension and trauma. It’s not situations that creates stress and trauma, but taking certain interpretations and assumptions as true. (Being chased by a giant ape is fun when I tell myself it’s a movie, but terrifying if I tell myself it’s true, happening to me, and wrong and terrible.)

I can inquire into beliefs about experience – I need to escape this experience, I’ll die if I allow it, something terrible will happen if I meet it. And I can inquire into beliefs triggering fear and reactive thoughts and emotions, such as something is wrong, something terrible has/will happen.

Life itself brings beliefs to the surface and offers an invitation to inquiry, and it brings fears and experiences to the surface with an invitation to welcome and meet them. Nothing more is really needed.

But in some cases, body-oriented approaches may help release stored tension and trauma in a gentle way. It may help the process along.

TRE – neurogenic tremors – is one of those approaches. Through the natural shaking and trembling of the body, stores tension and traumas are released, sometimes with associated emotions, images and stories surfacing. And the simplest way to help this process along is to allow and open my heart to the fears and experience, and inquire into the beliefs – either in a simple way as it happens (is it true?) or later. As the tension level in the body is reduced, it may also be a little easier to say yes to experience and inquire into beliefs.

So in summary, allowing experience is more comfortable than getting caught up in resistance and thoughts, and it allows old patterns to unwind and eventually release. Inquiring into beliefs about experience and the world invites what creates and recreates tension and trauma to release. And some body-oriented approaches may allow stored tension and trauma to release in a gentle way.


  • mutuality of allowing, inquiry and TRE
    • allowing experience
      • (a) caught up in resistance/thoughts/emotions = painful, allowing = release – here and now
      • (b) allowing old wounds/beliefs/emotions to release, unwind – longer term
    • inquiry
      • find what’s more true than a belief/assumption
      • invite to release what creates tensions/stress in the first place (not situations but our interpretations of them, without taking certain interpretations/assumptions as true, no trauma)
      • (a) beliefs about fear, experience  – i’ll die if i allow this experience, something terrible will happen if i meet/allow it, etc.
      • (b) beliefs triggering fear, reactive thoughts/emotions  – something is wrong, something terrible has/will happen, etc.
    • TRE – neurogenic tremors
      • allows stored tensions/traumas (beliefs/emotions/wounds) to release
      • when reduced tension level in the system, easier to allow experience and inquire into beliefs (less intense, less caught in it – although intensity can be a powerful motivation to allow/inquire)
      • released tension/trauma (beliefs/emotions/wounds) – allow + notice underlying beliefs, see if true here/now or take to inquiry later
    • …..

– yoga, tai chi, chi gong, breath, voice, movement, massage, acupuncture, tre etc.


That’s the simple version, and there is of course a lot more to it.

For instance, reducing the tension level in the body – through TRE, yoga, tai chi, acupuncture etc. – makes it a little easier to welcome and allow experience, and inquire into beliefs.

Stored tension and trauma in the body

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