Reality knowing itself vs experience

A simple reminder for myself:

There is an important difference between (a) reality knowing itself and (b) experience.

Reality already (i) allows and (ii) appears as any and all experiences, and this is what awakens to itself. It awakens out of the identification as a separate I. And since it already allows and appears as any and all experiences, it can recognize itself independent of (through/in) any and all experiences and states.

While there is identification as an “I” there may still be glimpses and direct knowing of this reality, although it is filtered through this identification. So the recognition of all as God (awareness) is filtered to appear as unity, all as God yet experienced by an I. Also, since there is identification as something within experience, there may at first be the mistaken belief that awakening has to do with states, and specifically the initial side effects of recognizing all as God – such as bliss, joy, insight, inspiration, passion, perhaps seeing auras etc. These side effects happen just because of the relief inherent in glimpsing reality, and since they are experiences, they pass too. As they pass, there may be a sense of loss and dryness. Since God was mistaken for states, when the states pass it may appear that “God” is lost too. The next phase is for reality awakening to itself and out of identification as an I.

Throughout this process, there is also a realignment of the human/animal with reality, and whatever isn’t aligned may surface to be seen, felt and loved so it can be released from confusion. Each part of the human/animal is invited to awaken to reality too, and since they need to surface to do so the process may not appear all that enjoyable as it happens. The reason these parts are not aligned is that they reflect confusion about reality (beliefs), so what surfaces may include wounds, confusion, dread, fear, terror, anger, grief, regrets and whatever else happens when a thought is believed. It may seem that the process is going in a backwards or wrong direction, and there may be a lot of resistance to it, but it’s all from love. The process is an invitation for all of the human/animal to awaken to/realign with reality.

And it will happen whether there is resistance or not, since the resistance too comes from this confusion and is one of the parts that’s invited to awaken/realign.

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