The world as a mirror in several ways

I find that the world is a mirror in at least three ways.

The world is a mirror for me. I am a mirror for each being. And the wider world mirrors me.

The wider world is a mirror for me.

(a) What I see in the wider world is also here.

Whatever stories I have about anything in the world also describes me.

(b) Whatever I call “the world” happens within this field of awareness.

There is no outside or inside.

What happens “over there” happens right here in this field of awareness.

I am a mirror for all other beings.

(a) Whatever anyone else sees in is something they know from themselves.

Their view of me is not only a reflected on them but it is them.

I am a reminder for them of what’s already there.

(b) What’s here is also there.

Also when it comes to whatever clarity is here, it’s a mirror for what’s already there.

All I can do is remind them that it’s already there in them.

The wider world mirrors me.

During the initial awakening phase – nondual fading into unity – there was a great deal of clarity, insight, trust, gratitude, receptivity etc., and my “outer world” reflected my “inner world”. Everything fell into place in my outer life in an amazing way, as if guided by the hand of God in smaller and larger things. If I needed $10 for the train, I would walk down a street and find $10.

Now, during the dark night of the soul, there is a swing into the reverse with an equal sense of “inner” chaos, turmoil, confusion etc. and my “outer” world reflects this. There is an equal sense of confusion and chaos in my outer life.

Tying it together

As Byron Katie says, when there is clarity, the world has no choice but to conform.

When there is clarity here, the world appears clear to me. It appears wise, kind, intelligent. There is gratitude and receptivity.

And my “outer” world tend to reflect it too, although that’s only the icing on the cake if that. It’s not needed, nor even desired or not desired.


  • the world as a mirror in several ways
    • the wider world is a mirror for me
      • what i see there is also here
      • all happening within this field of awareness
    • i am a mirror for each other being
      • i a reminder for what’s already there
    • the wider world mirrors me
      • initial awakening phase, nondual fading into unity – everything fell into place
      • dark night of the soul, inner chaos/turmoil and also in my outer life

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