Tiny public sculptures and alignment with reality

Many of my sculptures I leave on the street, usually pasted on walls. They become part of the ornamentation of some cities. Their survival in the street depends on many factors. Their main predators are cleaning services, weekend thieves (they become an alcoholic’s Olympics games), or curious people who think that street art is only for them. Street art is for everyone, not for one. It is here to stay in the streets.
– from an interview with the artist in My Modern Met.

War with reality: Thinking they should stay in the streets.

Alignment with reality: Conceiving, making and placing the figures, people enjoying them in place, and whatever their next adventure is – someone picking them up and taking them home or putting them in the waste bin etc. – is all part of the process. It’s all part of the art, including the excitement of not knowing what will happen or what happened with the figures, and imagining the many secret adventures of these figures after leaving their initial location.

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