TRE, cf and dark night

I am still in a quite intense process of “bubbles” of confusion surfacing to be seen, felt and loved, and find liberation from their suffering. It seems to happen every other day or so, and usually last for about half a day. It’s a natural process, and it’s beautiful in it’s own way, although painful too when it’s resisted.

This isn’t very important, but I had a curiosity surfacing of how this relates to neurogenic tremors (TRE), chronic fatigue, and the dark night of the soul, all of which are visitors right now.

The dark night of the soul happens after an initial awakening, and it allows our confused parts to surface to find clarity and liberation from their suffering. It’s a cleansing and realignment process. Some of my human parts were especially wounded from beliefs, and now surface to heal, align more with reality, and mature within more clarity.

Chronic fatigue allows these confused and suffering beings to surface to find clarity, as there is less energy available to push them away or set them aside. The usual filters are not there.

TRE – neurogenic tremors – joins this process. It allows a natural release of old tension and trauma stored in the body, guided by the natural intelligence of the body.


  • tre, cf and dark night
    • dark night – confused parts surface to find clarity, liberation from their suffering
    • cf – the filters/defenses soften, not enough energy to keep it up
    • tre – release old tension/trauma stored in the body, they find liberation
    • …..

– digested, learn from, harvest the nutrients – process, see why did as i did (fears/beliefs), what i would like to do differently, bring with me in my life now

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