Types of awakening

I am not as clear as I can be on this but here is what I am curious about now.

I can find three “kinds” of awakening.

(1) Reality awakens to itself “as a whole”.

All is revealed as God, as the play of awakeness. There is no “inner” or “outer”. This can happen with (unity) or without (nondual) a sense of an “I”.

This may appear to “transcend” the confused human and animals parts of us, the parts that have not yet found clarity. But this is only an appearance as (a) whenever this human self lives from within this awakening, the way it functions will be colored by all it’s unawakened/unaligned parts, and (b) these parts will surface as confusion wishing to align with reality.

(2) Our confused parts find clarity.

The confused parts of our human self surface to find clarity. They wish to align with reality and find liberation from suffering. As this process unfolds, the #1 type of awakening will gradually reveal itself. The veils appears to thin, there may be phases where #1 reveals itself more clearly, and it gradually reveals itself over time as well.

(3) Reality knows itself throughout/within experience.

This is not really a separate type of awakening, but rather the natural unfolding of both #1 and #2. Reality knows itself as and within experience.

Within #1 is #2, #2 reveals #1, and #3 is what unfolds from #1 and #2.

Note: When I say “I am not as clear as I can be on this but here is what I am curious about now”, that goes for everything I write about here, and my life in general. It’s all a process. It can always be more clear. It’s always curiosity. It’s always a question.

Note 2: I know each of those “kinds” from own experience. First, there was the “transcendent” one although it wasn’t transcendent since the way my human self lived in the world still reflected what was confused and not aligned with reality. During the dark night, #2 has been more in the foreground. And throughout this, reality knows itself as and within experience.


  • types of awakening
    • reality awakening to itself “as a whole”
      • transcending the confused parts of the human to some extent
      • which then surface to find clarity, to align with reality
    • confused parts finding clarity
    • reality knowing itself throughout/within experience
    • ……

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