There are many interpretations of the crucifixion, both in a theological sense and a metaphorical sense. For instance, it’s the marriage of the vertical (divine) and horizontal (human), as if the two were ever two.

For me, crucifixion is immediate and visceral.

I am crucified here and now and always. I cannot escape what’s here now, even if I try. The attempt to escape only becomes part of what I cannot escape here and now.

And also, I can be crucified by life, pinned down, unable to escape. I have to face a situation, memories, beliefs, pain. I have to face whatever in me is in opposition to reality. It keeps coming up, and any attempts at escaping or fixing it are futile.

Both of these are fierce grace. What’s left if I cannot escape? Where is the resolution?

It doesn’t help to say or know intellectually what the resolution is. It has to be lived through, discovered through an often messy process.

Jesus did, so who am I to think it should be any different here?

Note: The image and experience of crucifixion was there when I woke up this morning, and it feels like just the right reminder now. I am being crucified, so what’s my only option?


  • crucifixion
    • crucified here now – what’s here is here, even if try to escape it
    • crucified by life – pinned down, cannot escape
    • fierce grace – what’s left if I cannot escape? where is the resolution? (in loving what is, release out of identities/shoulds, but doesn’t help to say that or know it intellectually, has to be lived through, discovered through an often messy process)
    • ……

– what’s left if i cannot escape? at some point, i may notice that my only option is to allow myself to be crucified

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