El Collie: Branded by Spirit

Branded by Spirit is an online book by El Collie on the awakening process as it unfolded for her. Since that’s where I am myself, I especially find chapter 14 – Darkness before dawn – interesting and helpful. It’s a huge relief to know that others have and do go through a similar process and she writes about it with a great deal of wisdom and insight.

Update: I have now read all the chapters, and it’s been very helpful to me. She writes from her own experience, informed by informed extensive reading on the subject. I have to admit I am familiar with most of what she writes about from my own experience (including much unmentioned in this blog), so although I have never thought of my own process as a kundalini process, that may be one way to describe it.

Update 2021: Her old website is down, but Branded by Spirit is still available. I updated the link.

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