Futility of escaping or fixing

It’s common in some circles to say that “it” cannot be escaped or fixed, whatever your perceived problem is.

That’s not quite true, of course.

I can escape an experience by preventing it or distracting myself from it. It may still be there in my mind (when I prevent it) or in the background of experience (when I distract myself) but it’s much less noticeable.

And I can “fix” a situation in different ways. I can even “fix” an experience through any number of medicines, such as asking myself can I be with it?, bringing attention to my breath, exploring it through the sense fields, finding a stress-creating belief and inquire into it, and so on.

So is it (also) true it’s futile to escape or attempt to fix?

The human process – of living a human life in the world, and also in healing, maturing and aligning more with reality – is endless. It’s ongoing. So if there is identification with this process, it creates an equally endless struggle.

Any idea of escape or fixing is placed in the future, it’s a projection into the future and this future doesn’t exist anywhere outside of an idea.

When I attempt to escape experience, all I can do is temporarily distract myself. The experience is still here.

If I believe ideas of escaping or fixing, I create stress and discomfort for myself. I need to escape this experience. It’s too much. I will die if I allow this experience. I need to fix this situation. Something is wrong. All of those are stressful thoughts if taken as true. When I believe them, I do so to create a more comfortable experience for myself, but the result is that I create the reverse.

So what’s more true for me now is that (a) I can escape experience or fix things in an ordinary sense, and (b) what’s futile is believing my stories about it. That’s where the stress comes in. That’s where I get caught up in an endless struggle. It’s futile to believe my stories.

When I take stories as true, what’s overlooked is the completeness that’s already here.


  • futility of escaping or fixing
    • does work in a certain sense
    • and also futile
      • projection into the future
      • overlook what’s already here
    • ……

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