Inquiry: I am a human being

I am a human being.

Is it true?

I can find where it feels true, yes.

Sure it’s true?

Hm. No.

It’s an assumption.

What happens when I take that thought to be true?

I feel I am a human.

I am identified as a human being.

I identify with everything I see as human.

I experience myself as an object in the world.

I was born and will die.

I need what humans need, they become absolute needs.

I get caught up in the struggle.

What am I afraid would happen if I didn’t have that belief?

I am afraid I will be seen as weird.

I am afraid I – this human being – wouldn’t function.

Who would I be without that thought?




See the human as happening, just anything else.


I am not a human being.

Hm. Well, I don’t really know.

I find that everything human happens within me, just as anything else.

What I am seem to more be that which this human – and anything else – happens within and as.

My thinking is a human being.

Yes. For me, human being only exist within thought. I cannot find it outside of thought.

There are of course sensations, sounds, sight, taste, smell that thoughts may label “human” but in themselves, they are just sensations, sounds, etc. – and that too is a label.

When the thought “I am a human being” is believed, there is identification with that thought. The mind makes it appear very real. It feels real. Everything gets filtered through that identification.

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