Inquiry: I am not well

I am not well.

Is it true?

It feels true now.


No, it’s an interpretation.

How do I react when I take that thought as true?

I don’t feel well. I feel sick.

I look for signs of not being well.

I act as if I am not well.

I get cautious about any signs that I am not well.

I wonder if I can do things I normally would do.

I find an identity as not well.

What am I afraid would happen if I didn’t have that belief?

I am afraid I wouldn’t take care of myself.

I would do too much.

How would I be without the thought?

Attending to what’s here, free from the labels of well or not well.

Receptive. Curious.


I am not not well.

Hm. I see that well and not well are labels, an overlay of thoughts.

I am well.

Hm. This body is alive and can do many things. It’s well in that sense.

I breathe, eat, walk.

My thinking is not well.

When I believe the thought “I am not well” my thoughts become in service of that belief.

Their job is to make it appear true.

– o –

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