Inquiry: I am slow

I am slow.

I should have gotten this already.

I should have been further along.

Is it true?

Yes, it feels true.

Can you be certain it’s true?

No. It’s just a thought, a feeling.

How do you react when you take that thought to be true?

I feel I am slow.

I filter and interpret to support that story.

I feel discouraged.


I have additional thoughts:

I should be further ahead.

Others are further ahead.

What am I afraid would happen if I didn’t have that thought?

I am afraid I wouldn’t realize I am slow, and wouldn’t try to do anything about it.

Who would I be without that thought?

Receptive. Curious.



I am not slow.

I was quickly quite mature in many areas of life.

The initial awakening happened early in life.

Slow is a thought, reality is more than and different from any thought. Reality just is.

I am fast.

I am a fast runner.

I pick up new pointers and skills quite quickly, and in many areas of life.

(Art, photography, studies, community organizing, body work.)

And, as above, I was quickly mature in several areas, and the initial awakening happened early in life.

My thinking is slow.

When I believe any thought, my thinking is slow. It goes in the service of the belief, and is not or less receptive to other views.

My thinking about the present reflects it after it’s already happened.

My thinking seems to always be about the past. Even when it’s apparently about the future it’s a projection based on stories of the past.

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