Inquiry: It’s a core wound

It’s a core wound.

The trauma of losing infinite love & wisdom through incarnation.

Is it true?

Hm. Yes.

Can I know for certain it’s true?


How do I react when I have that belief?

I perceive it as a wound.

I believe it’s a core wound.

I make it into a thing, an object.

It becomes serious.

I have additional thoughts:

It’s a problem.

I need to fix it.

There is tension. Stress.

What do I hope to get from that belief?

I hope to recognize it’s a wound so I can fix it.

What do I actually get?


Who would I be without that thought?

Receptive. Curious.

Meet it as a friend.

Receptive of what – if anything – it’s asking of me.


It’s not a core wound.

Right. “Core wound” is a label. It doesn’t touch what it is meant to refer to.

I don’t know what it really is.

It’s core healing.

It’s an invitation for core healing.

My thinking is a core wound.

Yes, “core wound” is only found in my thinking.

When the thought “core wound” is taken as true, it makes it appear real.

The experience of “core wound” is created.

– o –

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