Inquiry: My parents didn’t stand up for me

My parents didn’t stand up for me.

I’ll answer from a time as a kid when I believed this.

My parent’s don’t stand up for me.

Is it true?


Can you be certain it’s true?


How do you react when you believe that thought – your parents don’t stand up for you?

It’s painful.

I feel lost. Betrayed.


I am angry at them. Don’t they see how much I need them to stand up for me? How much I need them actively on my side?

I see them as weak. Full of fear. Giving up. Cowards.

I see them as victim of their fears.

When did you first have that thought?

When I was bullied and they didn’t actively stand up for me.

How would you be without that thought?

How do you see your parents?

As regular people, sometimes caught up in their own beliefs and fears.

I feel friendly. Love. I love them as they are.


My parents do stand up for me.

They provide for me.

They would defend me if needed.

My parents don’t let me down.

They are here for me. They provide for me.

I didn’t stand up for myself.

I am the one who didn’t stand up for myself.

I could have fought as I wanted.

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