Personal and collective

In a couple of recent conversations, the topic of personal and collective material (shadow etc.) has come up.

The distinction makes sense in a conventional sense, and may be useful in daily life.

But what’s real for me is something else.

The thoughts arising here are universal. What happens when I take them as true is universal. The tendency to take them as true is universal. What I find when there is more clarity is universal.

The emotions arising here are universal. What happens when I resist and struggle with them is universal. What happens when they are met and welcomed is universal.

Their origin is right here now. They happen and are then gone.

And if I go into stories of their origin in the past, I find that whatever appears personal – belonging to this life – has origins stretching out through family, culture, biology, evolution of this species, evolution of life in general, evolution of this universe, the habits of this universe etc. The personal is an local expression of the whole – in its extent and history.

So the distinction makes sense and can be useful in some situations. But can I really find it when I look?


  • personal and collective
    • easy to distinguish in a conventional sense, sometimes useful in daily life
    • but the closer i look, the less meaningful it seems
    • the thoughts arising here are universal, the emotions are universal, the process of struggle is universal, what happens when there is more clarity is universal
    • ……..

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