Poem: Unraveled

I want to tidy up this thing called life
File down the edges and give it a good polish
So that I can’t get cut anymore
So that my heart won’t be broken again and again

I want to put everything in a place
Where it can’t be lost or broken
Including the most tender parts of myself
And including the people that I love

I want to stand at the front of the orchestra
And conduct a symphony of glorious harmonies
So that my ears will never again hear the sounds
Of war and confusion, famine and possessiveness

I want to beautify every corner of this experience
As if it’s not already the most gorgeous it could be
With its wilted leaves and crooked path
With its dark shadows and rugged mountains

And as every corner of my psyche
Continually works on this project
Of organization, repair and redesign
Another part within me watches
With smiling eyes, with loving eyes
At the futility of this game

This part knows
That no matter how focused I become
How creatively I maneuver
That no amount of reconstruction
Will create the experience that I’m longing for
Because the love and peace and freedom
Is already here
In each fight
In each tear
In every goodbye
In every delectable moment

Nothing is excluded

A poem from my friend Kiara.

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