Practice: Following life

Now really Follow Life. If you can, lie down and close your eyes. Connect with and actively follow whatever physical sensations come into your awareness. Let your awareness go to the strongest sensation in your body. It will probably wander a bit at first, scanning multiple sensations, a pain here, an ache there, a twinge or a pulse of tingling. Just let your attention wander, actively following it, until it comes to rest on the most dominant sensation. Remember, the most dominant sensation will naturally draw your attention and be the thing that most wants your attention. Stay with the sensation until it shifts or moves on its own. Don’t try to do anything to it, make it go away or change it, just stay with it until it moves or changes on its own. It will. Staying it, your awareness may shift on its own to other parts of the body or bring up a thought, emotion or image. Stay with whatever comes without analyzing it. You are now entering the transformative process.

A great description of a natural and simple process from Revolution of Consciousness. The meat is in the section just below the diagrams.

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