Reversals, bubbles and identification


Some relationships between reversals, bubbles of confusion, and identification.

Any experience – any state, any content of experience – shifts into it’s reversals. There is clarity, then confusion. Bliss then neutrality. Joy then sadness. Insights then lack of insights. Energy then tiredness. A human self here, then no human self here. And so on. This is an invitation to notice what happens when there thoughts about this – I need bliss, joy is better than sadness – are taken as true, and explore what may be more true. It’s also an invitation to notice what already allows and is it all. And it’s an invitation to ask myself if I am content of this experience, or that which it all happens within and as.

Bubbles of confusion surface. They were or are formed within confusion, and surface to be seen, felt, loved and digested and learned from. They are universally human, so this is an invitation to see what happens if I open my heart to them as they surface here or in others. There is also an invitation to notice what happens when they are resisted, and what happens when they are met – with some kindness and wisdom – as a suffering being, as I would meet any suffering being. Another invitation is to notice the fears and beliefs behind the resistance, meet those with kindness, and ask is the story true?

It’s all a process of love and manifestations of love.


  • reversals, bubbles and identification
    • reversals
      • reversals of any experience, any state, any content of experience
      • notice what happens when identified with what’s already/always changing
      • notice that what i am is what allows it all + is it all
    • bubbles
      • formed w/in beliefs, confusion
      • surface to be seen, felt, loved, to be digested, learned from
      • universally human, open the heart to these beings and any being experiencing the same
      • notice what happens when resisted
      • notice what happens when met – with some wisdom and kindness – as a suffering being, as you would meet a child, a loved one
      • notice the fears/beliefs that may be behind resistance, getting caught up in it, notice the identifications
    • love
      • all a process of love
      • all manifestations of love – of wisdom, kindness, love – the whole process, any facet of it, what’s here now
    • universal, shared
      • it’s all shared, universal part of human experience, daily experience
      • and also, part of the awakening process – from initial awakening (honeymoon), to dark night (apparent loss) to what’s revealed when identifications are worn out to it being lived through a human self where more parts/subpersonalities are healed, more aligned with reality, in the process of maturing within this new context
    • …..

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