Soul Awakening: The Journey from Ego to Essence

In this time of radically accelerated evolution, the disparity between the conflict and chaos of the egoic state and the stillness of the soul has never been more apparent, both within and without. Has it ever been more important to be in touch with and live from our true, essential Self? Conscious communion with the soul is the foundation of all else in the journey of awakening.

Only the soul can:

  • Provide the limitless love, wisdom, and power to guide us through our challenges into freer, happier ways of being.
  • Embrace, heal, and re-absorb distorted ego-personality aspects.
  • Fulfill our destiny and purpose for incarnating at this pivotal time.

For two decades we have facilitated direct experiences of the soul realms. Soul Awakening relates the archetypal passages and initiations that brought us into that capacity and deepened us in the soul. Because we have lived into  everything we share here,  Soul Awakening offers a  living transmission that inducts readers into greater soul-awareness.

Both   spiritual   beginners  and   long-time  seekers  will   find  potent evolutionary stimulation in Soul Awakening. Its guided inductions into the soul realms catalyze ego-transcendence and Self-realization when used regularly over time. As the light, love and life of the soul come forth, we birth the Luminous Self that has lived within us forever, waiting to be rediscovered and fully expressed.

With a Foreword by Kiara Windrider, Soul Awakening is the first book in the Birthing the Luminous Self trilogy. Book Two is entitled Agents of Grace, and features the Transmissions of Grace. This book explores the evolutionary potential of serving as a divine conduit at this profound time. We Are the Awakening Christ, the culmination of the trilogy, describes and activates the ultimate step in human evolution, walking this Earth as a Self-realized divine human. Together, the three books facilitate stepping into our full, radiant divinity — the most rEvolutionary possibility available to us now.

Soul Awakening: The Journey from Ego to Essence is a book by my friends and mentors Barry Martin Snider and Karen Anderson. Read the introduction and table of contents online. I can highly recommend it.

P.S. Barry has been my main guide over the last years, and especially through this most dense phase of the dark night.


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