If I wanted this, why would I want it?

When I find myself in a situation I don’t desire, I may ask myself…..

If I wanted this, why would I want it?

(a) What’s the belief or fear in me that would want this?

(b) Why would the wholeness of me – or a more clear part of me – want this?

For example, why would I want cf?

(a) Why would a fear or belief in me want cf?

It helps me avoid other aspects of life I otherwise would have had to look at and align more closely with truth. (I’ll leave out details here.)

(b) Why would the wholeness of me want cf?

It helps me come face to face with certain beliefs and identities, and question and/or wear out identifications with these. It allows me time to explore and investigate different ways of healing and coming into alignment with truth. It gives me an experience that may be valuable – for myself and perhaps others.

Source: This, as so much else here, was a question I heard Adyashanti suggest on retreat audio.

Note: The (b) question helps me see the gifts in what’s happening, and the (a) question helps me identify and inquire into possible beliefs associated with it. And if a thought comes up that “I created this” then that’s another one for inquiry – is it true?


  • what if i wanted this, why would i want it?
    • what’s the benefit? what do i hope to get from this?
    • what am i actually getting?
    • what would be the fear behind it? the belief behind it?
    • hypothetical question, play, can be helpful, clarifying
    • …..



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