Björk interviews Arvo Pärt

Björk: There is question and answer, the different voices…. inside your music. It’s almost like Pinocchio and the little cricket. One is human and always making mistakes and pain, and the little cricket is more like…. comfort him, or tell him…. Do you feel this in your music, or maybe I imagine? 

Pärt: I am really happy that you talk about it, it is really so. This new style consist of two sides, so that one line is my sins and another line is forgiveness of these sins. Mostly the music has two voices. One is complicated and subjective, but another is very simple, clear and objective.

Yes. It’s very simple. The dialog between confusion and clarity, the world as it appears when filtered through beliefs and as it appears from simplicity and clarity. One is pain, the other forgiveness. One is convoluted, the other clear. When both are included, it feels real.

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