Finding 2012 here

I was reminded of all the ideas different people have about 2012 again tonight.

The ideas some folks have about 2012are the ideas we all have about the future in general, and it may be good to explore these a little closer.

For instance, I can make a couple of lists:

What I fear the most about 2012/the future is…. (humanity will go under, something terrible will happen, I will die, I will suffer etc.)

And then take these statements to inquiry.

The qualities I hope 2012/the future will bring are…. (clarity, awakening, peace, love, cooperation etc.)

Then turn these around to myself and find specific examples.

In this way, I get to see – and feel – that any story I have about the future is about what’s here and now. It’s a projection of what’s already here.

Whatever stories I have about 2012 are really stories about myself.

– o –

What I fear the most about the (my) future, is that…. something terrible will happen.

Something terrible will happen.

(I’ll keep this to a specific situation, a specific scenario in my own life.)



Sure it’s true? 


What happens, how do you react, when you believe that thought? 

I feel pressure on my chest. Tension in my shoulders and head.

Hopeless. Gloom. Dark future and present.

I think and feel I cannot do anything about it.

I think that something is profoundly wrong.

I see images of what it may be and how I will feel.

(I will be sick, poor, friendless, stuck, abandoned, and will feel bottomless despair.)

I feel like a victim.

I get paralyzed.

I complain to myself and others.

I am half-hearted in taking care of myself and my own life.

Who would you be without that thought? 

Free to live my life, take care of what’s here and now.

Taking care of myself, wholehearted.


Free to explore many different ideas about the future, and act on – towards – the ones I am most drawn to.


Something terrible won’t happen. 

1. As BK says, the worst that can happen is an unquestioned thought.

2. Whatever happens is workable. Even death is workable, it happens, I die.

3. Whatever happens is temporary.

4. What I have thought of as terrible at the time is seen with more kindness afterwards, sometimes even with gratitude.

(Stuck at the wrong train station in the Netherlands in the middle of the night, thumb infection, flooded road so had to stay at the cabin longer.)

Something terrible has happened. 

1. Yes, when I think the thought “something terrible will happen” I have images of what it may be. I play scenarios out in my mind.

2.  I have had that thought “something terrible has happened” about certain things in my life.

(Losing a certain relationship, losing an opportunity to stay longer at the Zen center in SLC, cf.)

Something wonderful will happen. 

–> 1. Yes. When I find clarity, what’s more true for me than a previous belief, something wonderful happens.

–> 2. Also, I have that thought about many smaller and larger things in my life, and those type of things will most likely continue to happen.

(Connecting with friends, sunshine, fresh air, walks in nature, nurturing food, music.)

– o –

The qualities I hope the future will bring are…. resolution, kindness, clarity. 

 The future brings resolution –> The present brings resolution.

1. In this inquiry, I find resolution.

2. Whenever I have found resolution, it’s been here.

3.  I cannot find resolution – or anything else – outside of the present.

(Images of the past/future are also in the present.)

The future brings resolution –> I bring resolution. 

1. I bring resolution here now, when I do inquiry.

2. I bring resolution when I do a JYN ws on and with another.

3. I brought resolution to a situation with B. recently.

 The future is kind –> The present is kind. 

1. What’s here, without a story, is kind. It just is.

2. Kindness is only in the present. I haven’t found it outside of the present.

3. Here now, finding kindness here, the present is kind.

The future is kind –> I am kind. 

1. I have given many free Breema sessions to people.

2. I offer a TRE/The Work group for free.

3. I gave a present to J. recently.

4. I let B. know how much I appreciate our connection.

The future brings clarity –> The present brings clarity. 

1. I can find clarity here now. There is clarity in awareness itself, independent of it’s content.

2. I find more clarity through these inquiries.

3. Noticing it’s all happening here now – including images of past/future – brings clarity.

 The future brings clarity –> I bring clarity. 

1. I bring clarity to myself through this inquiry.

2. Through supporting others in The Work, I help them find clarity for themselves.

(The School aftercare, 141, the small TRE/The Work group.)

3. When I talked with J. recently, she said she found more clarity.

 – o –

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