Healing without diagnosis

When I go to a medical doctor, it’s appropriate and helpful with a diagnosis. It tells the MD and me what the next course of action is.

And yet, when it comes to the mind – or the mind/body as a whole – the most helpful approaches I have found (so far) all come diagnosis-free.

Process Work, Breema, The Work, TRE, walks in nature and so on, they all come without diagnosis at all.

In Process Work, I notice a “flirt” – something catching my attention, and I follow it, allowing it to unfold and show me something I haven’t seen or taken in yet. In Breema, I follow the sequence and stay with my own body, trusting the space it allows for both of our bodies to find what they need to heal. In The Work, I notice a stressful thought and inquiry into it. In TRE, I invite my body to tremor and trust the intelligence in where the tremors go and what unfolds. And in each case, it may lead to a deep healing and reorganization of the body-mind.

Reminder: As part of my TRE certification process, I have gone to a psychotherapist who is also a TRE practitioner. To my surprise, she keeps coming back to analysis and diagnosis, which is interesting for a short while, but it seems a side-track when it becomes a focus for the session. I am there for TRE and I trust my body to know what’s needed. Of course, this is an invitation for me to notice and ask for what I want, and find someone else if that seems more appropriate. And I have a thought about her which may be good for me to look at: She goes to analysis and diagnosis to find a sense of security, it becomes her refuge.


  • therapy without diagnosis
  • tre, breema, process work etc.
  • the inherent wisdom/intelligence of the person guides the process, allows it to unfold
  • the therapist only there to support the process
  • …..

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