Inquiry and intention

Something simple about inquiry and intention:

If I want to get something from inquiry – apart from the most essential such as finding truth, the process will be colored by it. I will twist the answers to fit what I hope to get out of it.

So it can be helpful to notice intentions and thoughts about inquiry, and take these to inquiry as well. What do I hope to get out of inquiry? What do I fear the most about inquiry?

Some common thoughts about inquiry: I need to do it right. I can do it wrong. My facilitator needs to see me as smart, honest, insightful, sincere, authentic. I need inquiry to get me…. (love, acceptance, a relationship, money, a better job etc.) Inquiry won’t work. Inquiry will show me something I don’t want to see. I don’t get inquiry. I need to understand inquiry.


– inquiry and intention
— if want to get something from it, then answers/process will be colored by it
— if want truth, then more open, receptive, free to be surprised
— notice intention, thoughts about inquiry – what hope to get out of it, what are most afraid of etc.

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