Inquiry: She blocks me

She blocks me. 

(The woman ahead of me on the escalator.)

Is it true?


Can you know it is absolutely true? 


What happens, how do you react, when you believe that thought? 

I feel frustrated.

I imagine I will be late. I blame her for it.

I see images of being blocked in the past – for instance when people cut in front of me in a line.

I feel agitated and restless.

I make her into a problem.

I feel stuck.

Who would you be without the thought, if you couldn’t think the thought? 

I am free to touch her shoulder, say “excuse me” and pass her.

I take care of myself.

I am free to pass her or stay.

I feel connected to her, friendly.


She doesn’t block me. 

1. She is just standing there. A woman standing on escalator.

2. I can pass by if I want.

I block me. 

1. I paralyze myself when I believe the initial thought.

(I make myself into a victim, paralyze myself.)

– o –

I keep seeing how I paralyze myself when I believe a thought, and without it I am free to take care of myself and I have many more options available to me. I treat myself with kindness.

Also, even apparently small irritations like this one may – and often does – lead into something much bigger in my life.

– o –

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