Movie: Polar bear releasing tension through neurogenic tremors

Evolution has built into us the ability to be stressed and tense, and it has also built into us ways to release this tension. One of these mechanisms is shaking and trembling, and although we in our culture may have put a “lid” on it, it can be accessed through the Tension and Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) developed by David Berceli.

This shaking and trembling is the body rightening itself, often at very deep levels. The immediate effect is a deep sense of comfort and relaxation, and this continues to deepen over time.

Here I am doing the same.

YouTube Doubler

And here they are side-by side. It can be fun / instructive to watch the two videos simultaneously.

One thought to “Movie: Polar bear releasing tension through neurogenic tremors”

  1. I could have done without the part of the video showing how the guys in the helicopter shot the terrified polar bear. Other than that, what a fascinating practice. Hope you’ll let us know your impressions of it over the long term.



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