The School for The Work

I just returned from The School for The Work with Byron Katie in Germany, and am very grateful I was able to go.

For now, here are some adjustments to how I do inquiry:

When write a Judge Your Neighbor worksheet and do the four questions and a turnaround, do it with a specific situation in mind. Keep it simple, focus and go back to one specific situation.

When working with the questions, be still and wait for answer.

For #4 – who would I be without the thought? – again go back to the situation and be specific. What other options are available to me when I don’t have that thought?

Use simple and real turnarounds. Use the original sentence, turn it around to the self, other or the opposite, and repeat. Sometimes there is just one turnaround and that’s OK.

I see that I have often done inquiry on a person in general or a theme, and it goes deeper when I do it on a specific situation. It makes it real, simpler and richer. I have sometimes done inquiry in an automatic way, almost as a quiz where I already know the answers, and it only gets real for me when I am still and wait for the answer. For #4 I have also often answered in a more general way. When I answer specifically to the situation, I get to see how my mind is open to more options. And I have often used “tricky” turnarounds, which is more of a distraction. What I am – and what’s really true for me about the situation – is simple, so simple turnarounds are sufficient.


4 thoughts to “The School for The Work”

  1. It’s always a beginning 😉

    Why is it better to not be more advanced?

    It’s where I am.

    It makes it easy to find myself as a student – receptive, curious, interested.

    I can benefit from the experience and insights of others.

    I am just like anyone else – a beginner (where I am), a student.

    I don’t have to live up to an “expert” image.

    I can relax.

  2. Question, I read somewhere that there isn’t much food. I was curious as to how the day went. Did you get time to rest? Was it pretty intense?

  3. Hi Michelle,

    The short answer its: It’s meant to be a surprise, and you’ll be OK.

    I had thoughts similar to yours before and at the beginning of The School, and found it helpful to identify and write down my thoughts and see what I found trough inquiry.

    I am grateful I went. It was – in several different ways – a life changing experience. And the setting is supportive in every way.

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